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Deep within the womb of Mother Earth,
In Silent Slumber,
A man more humbler
than myself, lies making merry mirth no
More. Only twenty-nine years since his birth.

Cherished, loving brother that was he,
No longer holds breath,
Immersed in dark death,
Who can not see the tear stains on my cheeks.
And left me in this wretched agony.

In my dreams we both are babes at play.
Our long walks to school,
Are over too soon,
And I must rise and face alone the day.
Without his smile and tender, loving ways.

Untimely life's end of my white knight,
How grim The Reaper,
Who is his Keeper,
Holds him prisoner, such dread company,
Arise my sweet to come and walk with me.

He'll no longer be my troubadour,
His soul a lost fight,
Now seeks the bright Light,
Awaits for me to shelter him once more,
Eternal bliss beckons me to his door.

Ember Nelson: "The Race Towards the Light: Hardscrabble"

Chapter 4: In Silent Slumber, pp77-78
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Have you ever roamed and wandered in a search for something gone?
Looking desperately to find it, and the place where you belong?
In a little room or castle, wondering which it may be.
Maybe in a field or meadow, within the serenity.

Could it lie beneath the ocean? In the calm and tranquil deep?
'Neathe the ruins of Atlantis, in a hibernating sleep?
Or among celestial bodies moving silently in space?
Maybe on the rings of Saturn, if I'd look, I'd find a trace.

But my journey's growing hopeless, yet, within my angry shell,
I relentlessly keep looking for the place where it might dwell.
Though I'm weary and I'm beaten, when I'm knocked upon the ground,
I keep picking up the pieces, patching each one as it's found.

For I must continue searching on a Quest that never ends.
Fighting obstacles before me, finding now and then a friend.
Till one day amongst the shadows comes a small light from within.
Then I'll feel the glow enfold me and I'll be made whole again.

Ember Nelson

The Race Towards the Light: Hardscrabble

Chapter 4: In Silent Slumber, pp65-66
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The Race Towards the Light: Hardscrabble

I am the author of this book and have recently joined your communities. I have yet to post an entry into my journal but my bio will tell you about my book. It is 500 pages and available on amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com or where I self pubished it at iUniverse.com. At iUniverse you can read the first chapter for free by simply clicking the browse button.
The Race Towards the Light is my autobiography of my interesting life and the written account of the short and remarkable life of my late daughter, Genevieve, who was born with Cerebral Palsy and overcame all the obstacles in front of her until she was in her second year of college and was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.
Hardscrabble is my climb in the subculture world of tournament Scrabble. I have been told that the book is very interesting and everyone who reads it always says the same things. They sart out with, "I couldn't put it down" and then go on from there. It touches on many subjects and is inspirational as well as spiritual.
I look forward to hearing from the community what you think of my book and feedback of any kind is always welcome.
My name is Ember and my handle is Alphadoc. Nice to meet you all.
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